Wednesday, March 7, 2012

3 Months

Annie is 3 months old!

 I just can't imagine life without her. Yes, my nights have been sleepless and my house less than perfect. But this smile keeps me goin! :)

Annie is:

Growing-- Her cheeks are getting chubbier. And her thighs and arms are getting some extra rolls. I love baby chubbiness!!! Keep it coming. Not sure on her exact weight. She was 10.2 lbs. at 2 months. I'm guessing she's about 12 lbs. now.

Eating-- Every 3 hours. Day and night. Yep.

Sleeping-- Much better these days thanks to what I call "The Straitjacket." It's really just one of those swaddle blankets that you can Velcro shut so there's no possible way for tiny arms to escape. It's my LIFE SAVER. It only took me about 2 months to figure out that Annie will sleep blissfully as long as she is wrapped up tight like a little baby burrito. And not just any blanket will do. It must be the special swaddle blanket--with Velcro. She now naps wonderfully during the day which makes us all much happier people. She is still waking up every 3-4 hours at night. I am trying to be thankful for those times. She won't be this tiny long!

Playing-- Annie loves attention. Full attention. She loves to smile and talk and giggle! She is so expressive and CUTE as can be! Her favorite activities are watching her crib mobile, looking at colorful pictures, grabbing things and trying to fit her entire fist in her mouth.

I am so thankful for Annie! A friend sent me this article and it was much needed. Being a mommy isn't always glamorous but it is a wonderful blessing! Hope this encourages your day!

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  1. She is a cutie! I read five in tow last week..good article!