Friday, March 16, 2012

This and That

Hi. My computer has been having issues this week. I finally got it to work today. In honor that, I am writing a little post about what's been going on around here.

Tuesday was my birthday! I'm 26. It's kinda crazy how fast life goes by these days. I'm in my late twenties. I'm going to blink and be 30 and my babies will be all grown up and I might just cry. Ok, anyway.

The weather has been absolutely glorious this week! Record temps almost everyday. I am in heaven! I even had to turn on the a/c. Trust me, it went against everything I believe in about saving money. But, since Annie must be wrapped up like a baby burrito to sleep and she was getting sweaty and I was afraid of her dying from over-heating, we turned on the air. Speaking of my baby burrito....I just bought her a new light-weight swaddle blanket. SO CUTE!

So back to my birthday. It was 80 degrees. The flowers were out on the trees and I wore shorts and flip-flops. It was perfect! My mom came over in the morning and we went out to grab an Orange Julius. Carey took the afternoon off work and we had a picnic at the park. Then we walked to Starbucks. We ended the day with dinner at Red Robin. The girls were extra sweet that day too. When Lucy woke up I told her it was my birthday and she got all excited and said, "OH! Happy Birthday!!" She even sang to me when we had cake. She's at a really fun stage. :)

I look a little tired in that pic.....We've been fighting colds AGAIN this week. We've had really bad coughs and runny noses. I even got it this time! Poor little Annie has been congested most of her life. Maybe this warm weather means the end of colds! I hope so!

Here's a sweet picture of sister love. Lucy was reading princess books to Annie. This was the Ariel book and Lucy was saying, "See Annie! See Ursula?" Haha! Love my little princesses. :)

Not to self: Never leave children unattended. It may result in this--

Thankfully, no babies were harmed during this incident.

Tomorrow we're having a little family day. We're celebrating Carey's 1 year anniversary at Rockhurst! Woo hoo!! This job has been the most wonderful blessing. So we're planning on eating out and maybe spending a little birthday money. Should be fun!

By the way, I LOVE daylight savings. Extra hours of daylight make me happy. Totally enjoying our early spring!!

The view from our place. But not for long! We found the townhome we'll be moving into next month! I am SO EXCITED! Lots more space and a playroom for the girls!

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  1. Glad to hear your birthday was great! Woo hoo on a new place :)