Friday, March 9, 2012

A Birthday and the Zoo

Tuesday was Carey's birthday. Rockhurst gives you a paid day off for your birthday. Isn't that nice of them? We think so. :) My birthday happens to be a week after Carey's. The best part about this? FREE birthday meals. And we can use them at the same time. Bonus. So we went to IHOP for breakfast--basically for free. We did get Lucy a kid's meal and we had a couple of coffees. It's great paying less than $10 to go out to breakfast!! This week we plan to do the same thing at First Watch (yum!) and Red Robin.

We had planned on taking the girls to the zoo since Carey had the day off. We almost didn't go because the weather decided not to cooperate. It was almost 70 degrees.....but 40 mph winds. We decided to brave the elements and go anyway. It was very windy. But still fun!

Lucy is at a great age for the zoo. She had tons of fun. I was so proud of her for walking almost the entire zoo! The Kansas City Zoo is a big place. She probably walked 2 miles. Annie liked being carried around the zoo--only happy in her stroller sometimes. Probably because she couldn't see any animals from in there. :)

Lucy really wanted to see the giraffes and zebras. Both were not out!! Are you kidding me? Maybe the giraffes are too tall for wind advisories? Would they blow over? Doesn't it get windy in the Savannah sometimes? Come on. Oh well, the polar bear never disappoints.

Lucy got to ride the carousel. She LOVES carousels. She was excited about riding the gorilla.

Lucy has a big personality (in case you didn't know). Here are a few pictures to give you a little glimpse. She's one crazy lady!

We had a fun day!

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