Thursday, March 31, 2011


Uuugghh. Today I am feeling sick. The colds have just been making the rounds over the last month or so. Lucy gets one, then Carey, and then me. Then Lucy gets another cold and the whole vicious cycle starts again. Anyway, today it's on me.

We were munching on cereal this morning from the couch and I left the box sitting out. This is what happened appx. 6 seconds later.

Mmm-hmm. Of course Lucy was in heaven. So I let her sit there and eat Kix for a while. Because I was too tired to get up. Then we practiced "cleaning up" together. For the record, Lucy is not very good at cleaning up. Every time she put her hand in the box she decided to take it out and eat more Kix. I think she got her Daddy's cleaning skills. Ha!

Monday, March 28, 2011

This and That

Well, it's no secret. I LOVE The Pioneer Woman. Her recipes are out of this world, she's down to earth and funny, she is super chic--even living out in the middle of nowhere, etc., etc. 

Anyway, I ordered her cookbook from Amazon with some b-day $$. Woo-hoo! Let me tell ya, it all looks entirely too delicious. :) Carey was in heaven as he browsed through it. He expects way too much from me now. Haha! 

I also ordered her love story-- Black Heels to Tractor Wheels.   

I finished the book in 2 days. I was a fun easy read. It was clean, sweet, romantic, funny and sad. Even though our circumstances are obviously different, I think many women can relate to Ree Drummond in a lot of ways. She is definitely an inspiring woman.

In other news, it snowed AGAIN yesterday. I thought winter had it's last hoo-rah last week when it snowed....and the week before that when it snowed. It is officially spring now so snow should not be falling anymore. Me and Lucy are dying to get outside and play at the park and visit the petting zoo and take walks and go to the pool.

Look at those cute little chubby legs! I love babies in swim wear. :) I would totally put her in a little bikini if I didn't have double the skin to lather with sunscreen. 

Happy Monday.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Growing Up

It's official. Lucy is not a baby anymore. 
No more chubby, bald, squishy, 
itty bitty, drool-y peanut like this...

...when she was helpless and could not defend herself 
against my love of silly hats.

And my love for girly dress up things.

 Even back then she was a little smarty pants. 
Just look at her reading this animal book.

She's always been a little dare devil 

Not that this has ever turned out well for her.

Personality?--TONS of it.

Pretty much irresistible. 
At least this mommy thinks so.

 Now Lucy is a walking, jumping, singing, talking 
(and still pretty bald) toddler!

I still make her wear silly hats and bows. 
But sadly, she now knows how to take them off. 

She does let me play dress up with her though. 
This makes me happy.

Lucy reads books to me now. 
Yesterday she correctly pointed to 
each thing I asked in her word book. 
(appx. 50-60 words)
Then she said every word.
I was shocked.

Still a daredevil. NO concept of danger.
I try to teach her. It doesn't do much good.


SO mischievous.  

Don't worry. 
The personality isn't going anywhere.

Still irresistible as ever!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Kiss Me, I'm Irish!

So I know St. Patrick's Day was yesterday....
But here we are sporting green 
to celebrate our Irish heritage!

Lucy looks like quite the little leprechaun 
if I do say so. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Day

Lucy and I have been enjoying today at home. 
The windows are open and it is glorious outside! 
Carey accidentally took the keys to my car this morning....
SO we're stuck. That's ok. 
We've been having fun. 
This cute face greeted me this morning. 

We played dress up with Mommy's stuff. 

And we gave each other pedicures. 

(There's that pesky orange crab again. The same one that found his way into my bed sheets the other morning. You never know where he'll show up. Ha.)

We laughed and played and sang songs. 

And did a little cleaning. Ok, a LOT of cleaning. 
And lots of laundry too.

Sometimes she is simply irresistible!
Happy Wednesday!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Adventures in Mommyhood

As I was picking up the house this morning I had to stop and smile. There was a bright orange crab in the sheets while I was making my bed. This would have seemed so bizarre before having a child. Now finding bath toys in my bed is just another "norm." =) 

The other day I was doing dishes and Carey was supervising Lucy's dinner. I looked over and said, "Hey, could you get that green bean off the wall." Carey acted so normal. Yeah, sure. Whatever. Green beans and bananas and carrots and graham crackers are often stuck to the wall. But I just had to laugh! Phrases like that would have seemed so strange before but now they don't phase us a bit. 
Love you, kiddo!

I can't imagine life without Lucy! Even though it looks like a tornado went though my house most days I wouldn't change it for the world! 

Miss Lucy, you bring so much light into our lives. 
Your name means "bringer of light." 
You definitely do just that! 
Shine on, Sweetheart!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Do you ever feel like life is just one big trial after another??
Trials have been in abundance in my life over the last year. I am thankful, don't get me wrong.I know that trails test the genuineness of my faith to ultimately bring praise and glory to God. I rejoice in that! But sometimes I get weary. I was already planning on writing about trails today....and then one more came this morning. Hmm....maybe my heart still needs to learn? :)

I was so excited to get out of the house this morning and work out. Thursday morning is Zumba--my favorite way to exercise! I get bored out of my mind on the elliptical and treadmill sometimes. Zumba is fun and the hour flies by! Plus I burn tons of calories. It's pretty great. :) Anyway, that's not the trial....
I got Lucy and myself all ready to go. We headed down to the car and I noticed the tire was especially bad this morning. We have needed a new one for a while and I think it's finally no longer drivable. I thought I would try it out anyway. I got in the car and tried to back out AND no steering whatsoever. What!? This has never given us problems before. Maybe the Lord knew I shouldn't be driving on that tire and caused the steering to go out. I'm praying it will miraculously work next time! Prayers are appreciated. =)

My heart is heavy with many burdens today and I feel the need to talk to myself. What do I mean, you ask? In C. J. Mahaney's Living the Cross Centered Life he talks about our tendency to listen to ourselves. We are constantly bombarded with everyone telling us to "follow our hearts" and other ridiculous lies. The Bible says that our hearts are desperately wicked! What I "feel" will only make matters worse and make me miserable. I have seen this destroy people I love and I want nothing to do with it!! So I will talk to myself today. I will speak truth from what I know is right. God knows my needs. God's grace is more than enough for me today. Trials remind me that I am God's and He is working in me. Trials make the joy of my future in heaven sweeter. Trials make me like Jesus. The list goes on....

Isn't that what life is about? Still, my soul be still. I've been doing a lot of listening to this song lately. I hope it encourages you too! I have also been listening to When Trials Come and By Faith.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Again, I've been a bad blogger. Life has been crazy around here.
But, I have a cup of coffee and a napping baby. 
Hopefully life will stay this way for the next hour or so. :)

It's birthday week around here!! Carey celebrated his b-day Sunday and mine is this Sunday. Although I'm not sure who planned daylight savings on my birthday this year. Losing an hour of sleep is not the best present....but whatever. 

We went bowling last weekend.
Here are a few pics from the outing. 

This morning we were playing dress up. 
Here is my little princess showing off her cute-ness.

It's getting a little hard to take pictures these days since Lucy won't stay still for 2 seconds. She's constantly running around playing like crazy! She loves finding ways to be mischievous. Like when I found her licking the leftover "cha-ca" (chocolate) out of the Ben & Jerry's container. My fault for leaving it out. She enjoyed some extra "cha-ca" while I took pictures. =)

Who needs hands?
 So that's what we've been up to.
Lucy is growing and changing so fast. 

She is still talking up a storm. 
She's figuring out "up" and "down." 
Sometimes she'll hold her arms to be picked up and say, "down!"
Haha. She makes me laugh!
I think she's getting the hang of it now. 
The past day she's been getting it right. :)

It's amazing how fast Lucy has become a little girl. 
The other day she brought me her shoe and said, 
"Put shoe on."

Sentences? Am I ready for this?

I have countless stories but they must wait.
Hopefully you all will get another update tomorrow. 
Until then....