Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Earrings

Miss Lucy got her ears pierced! Check out this cutie pie.

I have been wanting to get them done for a while and finally just took her! I brought Carey along which was a mistake. I think daddies should be blissfully unaware of the pain involved. He has already informed me that he will not be coming along when I get baby girl #2's done. :) 
Lucy did pretty well. She cried and it made me sad. I think she was more scared than anything. But the girl said she did better than most kids. I wouldn't want to be there for "most kids"! After we were done we took her to Barnes and Noble to play in the kids section. She forgot all about her ears. Now she gets a little annoyed when I try to clean them, but she's doing great. And I think she looks like quite the little lady! 

While we were at Claire's getting her ears pierced Lucy had fun looking at all of the pretty earrings on display. I know that she's going to love picking out different earrings to wear! I plan to get her some Ariel and Minnie Mouse earrings for our Disney trip in September. Can't wait! I love having a little girl. :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sugar and Spice

....and everything nice. That's what little girls are made of! 

I'm the mommy of 2 beautiful girlies. :) The sonogram confirmed what I knew all along. I knew Lucy was a girl from the beginning and I've had a feeling this one was too. Everyone in my family (including Carey who I think is still recovering from the news) thought I was having a boy. But I was right! =)

Isn't she cute? Her profile actually looks a lot like Lucy's sonogram. Cutie-pie lips and nose.
We are praising God that everything looked great and she's growing right on schedule! She's 8 oz. and measured right at 18 weeks 3 days. Lucy always measured small and was induced at 41 weeks. I'm hoping this little lady will arrive on time since she's bigger than her sister was. Or maybe she'll just be chubbier. I would be ok with that too.Chubby babies are so cute.

Gotta admit....I was hoping for a girl. Of course I would have been thrilled about a boy. But I am so so happy we're adding another girl to our family!
Reasons I am very excited about another baby GIRL:

1. I get to reuse all of Lucy's adorable clothes. 
2. I get to dress up another girlie in hair bows. Woo hoo! (Maybe she will have more hair than her sister.)
3. We already have girl toys. Actually, we already have girl everything.
4. I like princesses.
5. Tea parties. 
6. I don't have to figure out a boy/girl themed birthday party since they will be sharing the same birthday week and most likely the same party. 
7. Sisters! I never had one. I'm excited Lucy will!
8. Hair bows. Oh wait, did I mention that?
9. Tutus.
10. Nail polish.
The list goes on! 

One thing about this baby being a girl is that we do not have a name. And naming is not easy for us. We have 2 names we're considering right now but that could always change. Hopefully she'll have a name by the time she arrives. :) 

This kiddo is a mover. I feel her all day long...and sometimes all night long. I do love little baby kicks. *Sigh* She's already given me some pretty intense kicks though. I might be in for a painful few months! During the sono she was moving all around and had her little hand over her face like she was rubbing her eyes and sucking her fingers. She also kicked at whatever you call the imaging thingy they move across your belly. I don't think she liked her space being invaded.

As for me, 18 1/2 weeks and finally nausea free! (For the most part.) Sometimes I still have moments if I smell something gross. But thankfully my mornings aren't spent standing over the kitchen sink wondering if I'm going to lose my breakfast. I am pretty tired all day. But I think that's just life. I've gained about 10 lbs. so far and I hit my Lucy pre-pregnancy weight at 18 weeks. I feel so much better this time around physically! 

Here's an 18 week pic from 4th of July. Wearing blue....haha. :) I don't have an 18 week pic with Lucy to compare! :( 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th!

I love the 4th of July. Nothing beats a warm summer evening watching fireworks with your family, sipping a bottled cream soda (or lemonade or sweet tea) as the fields sparkle with fireflies. Yep, that's what our 4th was like. It was wonderful!

My parents live out of city limits (woo-hoo!) which means we are able to have as much fun playing with fire as our little hearts desire. I enjoy watching fireworks....but my hubby loves blowing them up.

 As do my brothers. I think it's a man thing. I will admit that blowing the head off of an old action figure was pretty sweet though. We never found the head. Anyway, we got to Mom and Dad's late morning. Carey and I got to work making homemade ice cream and peach crisp. Yum! Lucy went out to visit the animals.

Every trip to the barn during the summer means a freezy pop. :)

We helped Momo pick some herbs for the salad. They smell yummy.

We had a great meal with tons of grilled meat! Ribs, smoked sausage, steak, burgers. Fabulous. But I think I might be a vegetarian this week. :) Carey's contribution to the 4th was bottled sodas for the day. Mmm. Nothing like a cold bottled soda on a hot summer day! This is about as patriotic as it gets.

We enjoyed setting fireworks off during the evening hours. Well, everyone except Lucy. She is not a fan. They terrify her. And I quote her, "They're really really loud!" Yes, they are. I think she thought Carey was going to die each time he would light a firework. *Sigh* Maybe she'll do better next year.

Momo saved the day when she found the sidewalk chalk. Horray!

Lucy was ok with confetti poppers and the little snappers you throw on the ground. I consider this progress.

We had a great time hanging out enjoying the evening.

 Here I am with my love (aka the pyromaniac).

I like him. Good thing he's not weird or anything.

And here I am with our new baby. 18 weeks!

As it got dark the boys set off all of the fireworks they got. We had quite a nice display. They're already planning next year's show. :) And what's awesome about Mom and Dad's place is that you can see fireworks from all around! In the distance you can see and hear each neighboring city's shows. Plus, all of our neighbors set them off. We have one of the best seats in town and no crowds! Doesn't get better than that. We could have sat out all night watching fireworks. Beautiful! The fireflies put on a sparkly show too. I can't wait until Lucy is big enough to be out in the grass chasing fireflies! Well, maybe I can. She's growing up so fast as it is! :) My little sparkler. I love her.

And I officially win Mom of the year for snapping a few pictures before removing Lucy from this situation. Maybe she'll like fireworks one day after all. =)

Happy 4th of July!

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Wow. I have been so bad at keeping up with my blog these days. Having a wild toddler running around while fighting pregnancy fatigue and nausea has had me a little tied up. :) But it is time for an update!
We're enjoying summertime even though it has been extremely hot this week! We've played inside a lot and played a Chick-fil-A a lot. Chick-fil-A is Mommy and Lucy's new favorite hang out. ;) Miss Lucy would play in that play-place for an hour if I let her (maybe more!). I get a little teary-eyed thinking of my baby being big enough to climb up in that huge thing all by herself and knowing right where the slide is to come back down to me. *Sniff* I am happy we'll be adding a new baby soon since Lucy is such a big girl now! I'm making this her 19 month update since later this week we'll be finding out the gender of our baby and I plan to devote a blog post to this exciting event!!

Lucy: 19 Months Old

Lucy, you are growing up too fast for Mommy. It's hard to believe that 1 year ago you looked like this.

My little chubby baby. Not even crawling. No teethers. No hair. But even back then you had lots of smiles and tons of personality. You were much easier 1 year ago. You stayed in the same place when I put you down. You ate whatever I fed you. You could fall asleep anywhere. Now you're a wiggly bundle of energy and you keep me on my toes! You love to run around and play at the park. Everyone is a friend to you! (Although you're still not a pro at sharing.) You talk all of the time. ALL of the time. I made a list of the different words you can say....I stopped at 200 and could have kept going! You usually speak in sentences. I have lots of fun carrying on conversations with my little Lucy Bug. Your favorite activity is coloring. You are a wonderful artist and I love displaying your work on the fridge. It's the most beautiful art I have ever seen!

You love to watch movies and ask for them all of the time. I limit them but am thankful you are happily entertained so I can get work done sometimes! Your favorite movie is 101 Dalmatians. You love all of the puppies. :) Other activities you enjoy are puzzles and reading. You still love music and sang the entire alphabet A-Z this month! I was amazed and very proud. You are a great listener and often repeat words or sayings after hearing them only once. You are sometimes a picky eater but we're working on that. You like noddles a lot and peaches and oranges. Grapes, apples and berries are favorites too. You wear size 18-24 month clothes and even fit into some 2T shirts! Your hair is also growing (yay!) and I can put it into a cute little ponytail. I think it's adorable but Daddy thinks it makes you look like a ninja. That's silly. :) Here are a few pictures from this month of fun! I love you sweet Lucy and wouldn't trade a moment.....even if I am tired. I'm very happy and love being your mommy!

You've made some big messes with food recently. You know the fast-track way to the bath tub! Silly girl!

You love playing with Daddy. He can get the biggest smiles and giggles out of you!

You are such a sweetheart. You love your toys and dolls. Here you are reading to Dolly.

You baked cookies with Mommy for the first time this month! They were yummy!

My beautiful Girl.