Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I am really not great at this blogging thing yet. I realize that I only post something about once every 3 weeks. Sorry followers. I will attempt to do better in the coming weeks! :)
That said, here's what we've been up to recently.....
Lucy turns one, ONE, next Tuesday. This year has flown by. I can't believe it's already been a year since we brought our precious baby girl home. In other ways it feels like we've had her forever. I can't begin to imagine life without Lucy!
I know I post this picture a lot but it's one of my favorites!
I'm in love with this baby girl!
Tomorrow beings Lucy's birthday festivities. :) My parents will be out of town on the big day so we are celebrating with them tomorrow. Mom got an adorable cake and they have fun gifts for the birthday girl! Then on Tuesday we'll be having our own little party with Lucy. Just Mommy, Daddy and Lu. We are very excited about the gifts we got her. She's going to love them! Stay tuned for pictures and details!

Anyway, Saturday we took Lucy to cut down our Christmas tree!!
She was with us last year......

But obviously in a different way.
This year we have a much bigger Lucy and a much smaller me! :)

We enjoy cutting down our tree each year. It's a fun tradition we've done every year since we've been married. I hope Lucy will someday look forward to this tradition each year! This year she wasn't quite sure what to think.

The tree was kinda pokey.

I love this girlie!

 Helping Daddy carry back our tree!

Lucy's doing a great job of leaving the tree alone now that it's home and decorated. 
Such a good girl!

In other news, Lucy is making a mess of meal time. Here's some of her handy work.....

Who knew bananas make for great hair gel? :) Needless to say, we've been getting a lot more baths around here! I think she's doing it on purpose. Lucy loves baths! She has even added the word "bath" to her vocabulary. :) Speaking of her vocabulary....it grows daily! She has started to copy what we say a lot! She says "tree" when we look at the Christmas tree. And she said "carrots" today too. Hahaha! They are her favorite food.
Also, Lucy has taken a few steps!! Usually only 1. She actually did take 3 the other day. But we've got a ways to go! :) Crawling is a much faster mode of getting around.....why walk?
There you have it! We have one more week with an 11 month old. 
Growing up so fast!!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Baby Love

Lucy just turned 11 months.....11 months?! I know every mom probably says this, but it seems like only yesterday we brought this little baby girl home from the hospital. Now we're getting ready to celebrate her birthday! This mommy is a little emotional about her baby turning 1. :) I am thrilled though. Everyday I am amazed and so thankful that God chose to place this precious baby girl in our care. What an incredible privilege and responsibility to nurture this child and teach her to love her God! I pray daily that she will grow to be a young lady who is tender, kind and pure. And most importantly, that Lucy will grow to love the Lord with all of her heart. We have been blessed beyond measure with the gift of Lucy. She fills our life with so much love and joy! I can't wait for all the years to come. :) 
Ok, on to what miss Lucy Lu has been up to recently....
11 months brought Lucy's 3rd tooth! I could tell she was teething because she would wake up in the middle of the night crying and clinging to me. Poor thing. She's usually such a great sleeper so I knew something was going on. Then I noticed the whole left side of her top gum was swollen. Finally, yesterday I felt the sharp little tooth pop through! Yay! (Her top left tooth) But I know it's only the beginning. I can see the rest just waiting to come though. 
Ahh, teething. :) 
Lucy is getting to be quite the mover. I literally have to chase her around. AND, she's great at popping things in her mouth at lightning speeds. I have to constantly watch her. I may think nothing could possibly be left on the ground for her to find....but just leave it to her to prove me wrong all day long. Ha! I think Lucy might, might take a step or two by her 1st birthday. She can stand on her own if she's feeling brave enough. Who knows, should could take off tomorrow. But I think it will be past her b-day before she's a "walker." I am fine with this and in no hurry. She's into enough as it is! :) 
What she might lack in walking she makes up for in brains. This kid is smart. Or maybe I'm just the proud mommy! I love listening to her talk. I usually have no idea what she's saying, but it's definitely something! She is an expert at saying "hi" though. Not shy this child. She will say hi to perfect strangers just for the attention. And she gets it! Ha! She can also say "eye" probably because it's close to "hi." Beware, she will poke your eye (or her eye!) out while she says it. She says "done" and "ya" (yes)---such great grammar I'm teaching her. She has started pointing things out in books too. If you ask her to point to the cow or puppy, for example, she will. She's up to 12 different animal noises and/or actions. She loves animals! She might not know her ABC's by the time she starts preschool, but she'll know all about animals. :) And she loves clapping for herself! This is so funny. She'll do something I normally applaud her for and clap her hands and say "yaaaa!" Hmm, we think we're pretty amazing don't we?  Something I'm sure we'll have to deal with in a couple of years! Anyway, she's saying and doing lots more....but those are the current favorites.
Again, I just love this girl! I'm so thankful to be her mommy! 
Here's a look at the past year with Lucy....




(Ha! I love this picture below.)