Monday, June 20, 2011

Pregnancy Update: Week 16

Week 16: The week my midwife said I should start feeling more like myself. Week 16, you better not let me down! Actually, I've been feeling much more like myself the past few weeks but that pesky nausea seems to want to stick around. Thankfully it only hangs out for about 1-2 hrs. each morning. But it can leave now.
Other than that I'm feeling great! I'm still below my Lucy pre-pregnancy weight (don't worry...I should pass it up in about a week or so) but small maternity clothes are the comfortable choice these days. 
I'm craving spicy foods again this pregnancy and can't think about drinking coffee. Sad, sad, sad! I can do iced coffee and am downing the iced tea these days. Yum!
We find out in about 2 weeks if the baby is a boy or girl. :) Yay! I'm leaning toward girl....but I could totally be wrong. I guessed Lucy was a girl though. So we'll see. =)
The baby is the size of an avocado and it's little ears are beginning to pick up the sound of my voice.
I'm feeling the baby move these days. Yay! Actually I've been feeling this little one move for a couple of weeks here and there. But this past week I felt them quite a few times. Definitely earlier than with Lucy. About 4 weeks earlier! Probably because I know what tiny little kicks are supposed to feel like this time around. 

Here's a 16 week picture comparison. Lucy on the top and 2 pics with the new baby below. Much smaller this time around! In a good way though. I'm sure baby is growing right on schedule. =)
16 Weeks with Lucy.

16 Weeks now! Looking a little tired. It was the end of the day. :)

Another 16 week pic.

Friday, June 17, 2011

18 Months

This is a couple of weeks late. Our life has been especially crazy over the last few weeks! But wanted to give you all Lucy's 18 month update. Sometimes when she's running around like a crazy woman, making messes and talking to me like a 4 year old (ok not quite...but it feels like it sometimes!), I forget what it was like to have this tiny snuggly baby.

And when she giggles and smiles at me with a mouth FULL of teeth I like to look back and remember the good ol' gummy days. :) 


 Ok enough reminiscing. I love every moment of being Lucy's mommy! We have a blast playing every day and I am so so thankful for her.

Here's what she's been up to lately--

*Talking. I counted out how many words she can say and it's almost 200! She always combines 2 or 3 words and often speaks in entire sentences. Talking is totally her hobby. She loves it. Typical girl. =)
*Playing. She is constantly on the move playing with everything she can! We took her swimming and she loves playing in the pool! She soaks up fun wherever she can find (or create!) it.
*Coloring. Lucy LOVES to color. It keeps her busy for a long time!
*Singing. She loves singing along to songs and listening to me sing. Sometimes I get tired of singing non-stop. But I'm glad so likes music! :)
*Sleeping. She sleeps through the night and takes 1-2 naps each day. I think we are nearing just 1 afternoon nap though.
*Princesses. We have started to introduce the Disney princesses to Lucy since we're going to Disney world in a few months. :) Guess who her favorite is? ARIEL. She loves Ariel. She sings Ariel's song and has an Ariel barbie and jewelry and begged for an Ariel swimsuit. Haha!
*Growing. She wears size 18-24 month clothes. Although she's still pretty tiny. Trying to get a little more meat on her bones!
*Helping. She loves to throw things away for me or helping with laundry. She's going to be a great big sister when the baby comes!

Tons more but there's the highlights for ya. I am going to attempt potty training soon if life decides to slow down a little. I haven't had a chance to work on it but I think Lucy is definitely ready to start. Wish me luck! =) Here are a few recent pics of my BIG GIRL!