Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Life in Roanoke

I could spend a long time telling you all about every detail about our recent move. I'll spare you. For today I'm going to hit the highlights. 

To make a long story short, we almost moved to Roanoke a year and a half ago. God closed the door at that time and we were happy to remain in Kansas while we waited for His leading. A few months ago, Carey and I felt the Lord working in our hearts and giving us a burden to pursue Camp Eagle once more. It all happened very quickly. Carey was offered the position again and knew that this was exactly where God wanted us! We packed up our lives within a few weeks and moved half way across the country. Crazy doesn't even describe it. =) God has been so good to us. There have been many little details that have shown God's provision and given us a greater peace that this is where we're supposed to be!

It was difficult for us to leave our dear friends, family and church family in Kansas. But we have made wonderful new friends in the short time we've been here and are loving being a part of Shenandoah
I am getting used to a new city. It's a lot smaller than KC. I really only miss my beloved Trader Joes. If anyone feels led to send me a care package.....;) Oh, and we have no Papa Murphey's Pizza. Would someone go eat one for me? Living without take-and-bake is rough. Thanks. 

Some perks about living in Roanoke:

1. MOUNTAINS. Hello. We're not in Kansas anymore. I have beautiful views at all times. Check it out.

2. Continuing with the mountain theme--we live on the Blue Ridge Parkway! Yes. You must visit. 

3. Hiking. We can't wait to strap the kiddos to our backs and hike a mountain! We're planning on the Peaks of Otter this weekend. 

4. Day trips to the beach, Williamsburg, Washington DC, Jamestown, Monticello, Mt. Vernon, etc. etc.!!!!
I. Cannot. Wait. And did you know that Thomas Jefferson had a vacation home? It's like a mini Monticello. It's called Poplar Forest and it's only about 30 mins. away. Pretty sure we'll be making a little visit within the month. I just can't take it. Ahh!! =) 

5. Nice people. Ok, not all Johnson County people are unfriendly. But people here will just stop and say hello, ooh and ahh over my babies, carry on a conversation. Even the checkers and the grocery store and servers at restaurants are super friendly. It's been a nice change. 

6. Slower Pace. I don't feel as rushed. There's less traffic. Things don't seem as busy (even though we're really busy!). Small town livin' might just grow on me. 

That's my list for now. There's more but I need to get something accomplished since both of my children are actually napping!! This has only happened about 3 times since we moved here. Not sure what their deal is, but I've been close to losing my mind. Praise the Lord they're resting today! I needed a break. 

Happy Tuesday. Here are a few pics from our little parkway getaway this weekend. 

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