Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Picture Taking Fail...Sort Of

Fall here has been beautiful. We took a gorgeous drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway last week and our senses were on total overload. I knew right then that we HAD to get some pictures of our family, or at least the girls, while the leaves were still at their peak color. This week the leaves were starting to fall---and fast. I knew my time was running out, especially with hurricane Sandy on her way. Carey had a retreat at camp this weekend. We've spent most weekends apart since getting to Virginia. October is a busy month at camp! The girls were getting a little tired of Mommy.....and we'll not talk about Mommy's feelings. =) We had decided to go spend the day with Carey and I had already started dreaming of the beautiful pictures I would take. My mind wandered through the endless possibilities of adorable family photos right out of Pinterest. I also thought about how cute our Christmas card would be.....

Let's just say, children will not cooperate when you have such grand plans. The end. 

What, Mom? You want us to look at the camera? And SMILE? Yeah right. 

This was the best picture I got of the girls together. So much for Christmas cards. I do love the picture though. It shows their relationship. They really love each other. Annie is sharing her leaf with Lucy. So sweet.

Annie is usually really great when taking pictures. She will give me great big smiles and is totally adorable. 
Like in her 6 month photos:

On this particular day, she was more into eating leaves. Apparently leaves are delicious (I wouldn't know) since I had to retrieve half chewed foliage from her little mouth more times than I would have cared to. 

Annie refused to look at the camera. Her eyes were lifeless. The leaves were just too intriguing. 

Thankfully Lucy saved the day! She's been really hard to get good pictures of lately. I'm so happy that she was in a sweet mood and I got some great pictures of her. Some of these are definitely getting put on display. 

Lucy is getting to be so grown up. She's silly and fun. I was so thrilled to get some pictures that depicted her personality!

Now I'm desperately trying to decide what to do for a Christmas picture. Getting a good family pic might be hopeless. I'm beginning to think a collage might be nice.....Ha! Stay tuned to hear about my second attempt. Although it might be a few weeks before I have the courage to try again. =)

In other news, Happy Halloween! I have a little cowgirl and fairy today. Better run so I can get them dressed up to go grocery shopping. Might as well get use out of the costumes while it's actually light outside and people can SEE them. Just my opinion. :) We have Trunk or Treat at church tonight. Lucy has no idea that lots of candy is awaiting her. She's will be in absolute heaven. I can't wait. Pictures to come!

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