Friday, October 26, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things: Coconut Oil

Hello! Welcome to the first installment of "A Few of My Favorite Things." These posts are meant to share my favorite products and why I love them and why they make me happy. =)

Favorite Thing #1: COCONUT OIL

I could go on forever for a while on why I love coconut oil. We only met about 6 months ago, but it has been a glorious relationship that is likely to last till the end of time. I owe this discovery to my friend over at I Thought of it Second. She's given me some great easy tips on healthy living. Check out her blog sometime!

I love coconut oil for lots of reasons. These are some of my favorite uses for it:

*Cooking. Coconut oil can handle higher temps than butter and EVOO. It's great for sauteing. I love putting it in pancakes. It gives them such a fabulous flavor!! Just substitute it for the not-good-for-you veg. oil in almost anything. It's great drizzled over some popcorn. I put it in Annie's goat milk. The possibilities are pretty much endless.

*Facial Cleanser/Moisturizer. I've recently started using coconut oil to wash my face at night. I know what you're thinking. Oil? Doesn't it make your skin greasy and gross? Nope. I have dry skin and the coconut oil has eliminated my need for a moisturizer! It doesn't clog pores and leaves my skin soft, glowing and fabulous! WAY cheaper than all those cleansers and moisturizers too. You only need a small amount to do the job. Add a little baking soda every few days to exfoliate. LOVE.

*Coconut oil boosts metabolism, can also be used for cleaning, diaper rash, mosquito bites, dry skin/scalp, eczema (which I have and it has helped soothe the dry patches). Research has also shown that it is beneficial in fighting certain diseases. Amazing. Here's a link to find out more: COCONUT OIL.

So get some. Try it. Have fun. You'll soon find out why it's one of my favorite things!