Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lucy and Annie

The girls had appointments with their pediatrician today. Remind me not to make any appointment so close to nap time ever again. Thanks. Lucy was wild because she was trying to stay awake and it was just a little crazy trying to talk with Dr. Kimmel while she was going nuts. Thankfully, Annie was a little angel. I wouldn't have wanted to add a screaming baby to the mix.

The girls look great! Lucy is right around 50th percentile in both height and weight. She is super advanced in speech and fine motor skills. She does these at 3-4 yr. old level.  She's still at a normal 2 yr. old level for things like running, climbing and jumping though. Kinda clumsy this one. :) She had to get an MMR shot today. Poor baby. Yes, we are on a delayed vaccine schedule. I'm pretty picky about the whole process. She was not a fan of the shot but does like her blue Scooby band-aid. Lucy is also potty training! She's doing a great job at home. I am very proud of her. Gotta work up the courage to start taking her out in just panties! =O

Annie is a little peanut. 12.7 lbs. So tiny! It's no wonder she still wakes up every few hours to eat at night. I've started giving her a full bottle of formula before bed and it seems to be helping. Hopefully she'll start getting better about sleep!! She's 86th percentile in height though. And she's advanced in other areas. She's great at tracking and rolling. She loves to be standing up and jumping. She is such a little mover! Her legs just kick constantly. Not so cuddly these days. Life is too exciting! She is a very happy baby during the days.....as long as she's getting attention. Haha! She is getting better about playing on her own though. She loves to be sung to and played with. She will sing and giggle during "Pat-a-Cake" and other rhyme songs. She is such a smiley baby. I love it!

Side note-- Favorite Parenting Item.
We got out some of Lucy's baby toys for Annie to play with recently. My all time favorite baby "toy" are these flash cards. Lucy LOVED them as a baby. I liked flash cards because Lucy would roll/crawl around and pick one up at a time. I could tell her which animal (or thing) was on it and make the animal noise. They are touch and feel and super colorful. Lucy was doing animal noises at 8 months old because of these! We were looking through them with Annie today. It's fun to watch Lucy "teach" Annie this time around.  HIGHLY recommend. You can get them at Barnes and Noble. DK brand. I use an educator's discount (early homeschooling!) and they are pretty affordable. Here's a video of Lucy doing the tiger noise at 9 months. Ahh! So cute! She has grown up too fast!

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